About Me

My name is Brinda Mojgani. I am a food lover, a mother, wife and a self taught passionate food photographer. I grew up in a large family; where every meal was freshly prepared, using cheap and freshly grown local grown vegetables, herbs and grains. I am therefore accustomed to simple and healthy country cooking style. Cooking and serving simple and tasty food gives me great satisfaction. Because my diet is meat free, I cook vegetarian foods.

My vegetarian guests enjoy the vegetarian foods I prepare. But I must stress that even when I have served my vegetarian dishes to my non vegetarian guests, they felt fully satisfied. They often told me that my vegetarian meals were just as filling and satisfying as the non vegetarian meals they are accustomed to eating.

My husband and I both enjoy traveling and discovering new foods. I particularly enjoy cooking indigenous food and I also like to discover other indigenous recipes.

Thank you for stopping and going through my blog!!!!